How do we know if a web host is good or not? Do disk storage and bandwidth features still important at the present time? Which kind of hosting service should you choose? In this article, we will get a couple of questions answered with the following checklist. How to select a web hosting service? In brief -


-              Find out your hosting needs

-              Investigate on the uptime guarantees and host reliability

-              Study the web host upgrade choices

-              Check all the hosting features such as the number of add-on domains permitted based on your necessities

-              Check the prices on both renewal and sign up

-              Check the hosting control panel

-              Read the ToS of the hosting company to know more about the server usage policy and account suspension

-              Other supporting features such as environmental friendliness and site backup, and so on


Knowing your hosting needs - you can never obtain the suitable web host without having a knowledge on the things that you necessitate. As a result, before you proceed any further - place everything aside and think very well on your very own needs.


-              Why type of website are you creating?

-              Do you want something typical such as w WordPress blog for instance?

-              Do you necessitate a special kind of software such as PHP?

-              Do you necessitate Windows applications?

-              How small or big can the traffic volume be?


There are a couple of questions that you necessitate to answer for yourself.

Have an immediate picture of the things that you want to do with your site now. know what will happen for the next 12 months. But then again, if you are still new, for the newbies, a no brainer rule is that you should always begin small with a remarkable shared web hosting account. Keep in mind that a shared hosting account is easy to maintain, cheap as well as enough for almost new websites. In addition, you can always choose to upgrade to a dedicated hosting or VPS in the later phase when your site will grow bigger.



Uptime scores or server reliability - nothing is more vital than having a 24/7 operating web host. You necessitate a web host that will operate on a powerful server as well as table network connection. 99.5 percent and greater is the needed uptime score and below it is not acceptable. Be sure to keep this in mind for you to be successful in your web hosting adventure.